How To Test Your Probiotics Supplement For Live Active Cultures

by Teffy Thachenkary

Do Your Probiotics Have Live Active Cultures?

Here is the Nerd Organics how to guide on testing your probiotcs supplements for live active cultures.  Here is what you need:

  • two containers (ie bowls, cups, jars)
  • two probiotic supplement pills
  • milk

1.  Pour a quarter cup of milk into each of the two jars
2.  Break open the probiotic supplement pills and pour the contents into one jar
3.  Leave the other jar as is with only milk
4.  Let the jars sit out at room temperature for 24 hours

The jar with the added probiotics should have started to change consistency and possibly color.  You may also notice a change in smell. A slight curd should have started to form.  If you don’t see any changes, then your probiotics cultures are dead.  The jar with the milk and no probiotics should have no changes.  It’s very common for store bought probiotics to have dead cultures.  There is no FDA oversight on probiotics thus, no guidelines on what is and isn’t acceptable.  Buyer beware.  The best choice is to make your own homemade probiotics with the Nerd Organics make your own homemade probiotcs kit.

Test Probiotics For Live Active Cultures