Interesting Study Links Probiotics With Helping Infant Gut Disorders And Colic

by Teffy Thachenkary

The study of probiotics and gut health continues to grow and become mainstream. You are starting to hear health care professionals and pharmacists mention probiotics for children, which was unheard of in the past. The result, less episodes of sickness, gas, colds, etc.

Rachael Rettner from LiveScience (01/13/2014):

Providing probiotics, or “good bacteria,” to healthy infants shortly after they’re born may reduce the development of gastrointestinal disorders and prolonged crying episodes later in life, a new study from Italy suggests.

In the study, newborns that received a daily dose of the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri had fewer episodes of inconsolable crying (colic), constipation and regurgitation (reflux) at age three months compared to newborns given a placebo.

Use of probiotics also had benefits in terms of reducing health care expenses, such as money spent on emergency department visits, or money lost when parents took time off work. On average, families with infants that took probiotics saved about $119 per child, the researchers said.