Spicy Paleo Red Thai Curry With Grass Fed Beef Recipe

This spicy paleo red thai curry with grass fed beef recipe is a kitchen sink recipe.  It works great with any veggies you currently have in your fridge.  Substitute your favorite vegetables in place of what I have listed.  I’ve tried a couple brand’s of curry paste but like Roland’s red curry paste the best.  You can substitute any thai curry paste you have available.  Try experimenting with green, yellow, massaman, and schezwan curry pastes also.  I like to use the AROY-D coconut milk because the only ingredients it contains is coconut extract and water.  I use the entire bottle of curry paste for a strong spicy taste.  You may want to start with half the bottle and add more at the end if desired.

1.  1lb grass fed ground beef
2.  1 bottle Roland’s red curry paste
3.  1 can coconut milk
4.  1 onion
5.  1 bell pepper
6.  1 cup spinach or kale
7.  2 carrots
8.  1 large celery stick
9.  1 cup mushrooms
10.  5-10 broccoli florets
11.  1 teaspoon coconut oil

1.   Brown the grass fed ground beef and set aside for later

2.  Chop/slice/dice all the vegetables
3.  Add coconut oil to large frying pan or wok
4.  Stir fry vegetables on high heat for 5-7 minutes

5.  Add the curry paste and coat vegetables for a minute
6.  Add the grass fed beef and coconut milk
7.  Heat uncovered on medium heat for another 5 minutes
8.  Feast!

Let us know how you like our spicy paleo red thai curry with grass fed beef recipe.